MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Using AccuSnap

AccuSnap provides tentative snap functionality, which may be used stand-alone or in combination with AccuDraw. It provides graphical assistance — a "smart" pointer — for snapping to elements. This automates the tentative snap process, virtually eliminating the need to press the tentative snap button, thus reducing the number of "button presses" required during a design session. When in AccuSnap mode, you simply select a tool and move the pointer over the elements, letting AccuSnap find and display the nearest tentative snap point for you. When the correct snap point is displayed, you enter a data point to accept. If required you can adjust various AccuSnap settings to configure AccuSnap for your mode of operation.

AccuSnap complements the standard, or manual, method of placing tentative points. That is, even with AccuSnap enabled, you can still use the standard tentative snap method (pressing the tentative button). Additionally, when you are using AccuSnap in conjunction with AccuDraw, you can use AccuDraw shortcuts, which include <HU> to suspend AccuSnap for the current tool operation, and <HS> to turn AccuSnap on and off.