MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Cell Type

When you create a cell, you define the cell origin (the location around which the cell is placed) and the cell type. There are four types of cells: graphic, point,parametric , and menu .

The symbology (color, line style, and line weight) of a graphic cell is determined when it is created, whereas a point cell assumes the active symbology when placed. The active template and level of a parametric cell is applied at the time of placement. Graphic and parametric cells rotate when a view is rotated, while a point cell is view-independent. A point cell can be especially useful for text.

The differences between graphic, point, and parametric cells are summarized in this table:

  Graphic Cell Point Cell Parametric Cell
Level level independent placed on active level placed on active level
Rotation with view view independent with view
Symbology active settings when created active settings when placed N/A
Note: The term "point cell" as discussed here refers to the cell type, which is assigned when the cell is created. This should not be confused with the "Active Point Cell," which refers to a cell in a cell library that is designated for placement using the tools in the Points toolbox. It is possible for a cell of either type — graphic, point, or parametric — to be the Active Point Cell.


When a cell is created, the symbology (that is color, line style, and line weight) of each element is established. When that cell is placed in a DWG file, this symbology is used. However, it is possible to leave the symbology open-ended by using ByCell. If ByCell is selected as the color, line style, and/or line weight, when the cell is placed the active attributes are used. For example, if a cell is created containing a square with color set to red and a circle with color set to ByCell, when the cell is placed into a DWG file with active color set to yellow, the square appears in red and the circle appears in the active color of yellow.

Note: ByCell is enabled, by default, only in DWG workmode. You can enable ByCell in DGN workmode by enabling the capability _USTN_CAPABILITY <+CAPABILITY_BYCELL in the standards, WorkSpace, WorkSet, or user configuration file.
Note: Parametric cells do not support ByCell feature.