MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Arcs Toolbox

The tools in the Arcs toolbox are used to place and modify arcs.

All tools in a toolbox are not always visible by default. To see all tools, right-click in the toolbox and select Show All from the menu.

To Select in the Arcs toolbox
Place a circular arc.

Place Arc
Place an elliptical arc with a sweep angle of 180°.

Place Half Ellipse
Place an elliptical arc with a sweep angle of 90°.

Place Quarter Ellipse
Modify a circular arc's radius, sweep angle, and center.

Modify Arc Radius
Extend or shorten an arc's length (sweep angle).

Modify Arc Angle
Lengthen or shorten an axis of an arc.

Modify Arc Axis
Note: To modify a circular arc's radius (or both axes of an elliptical arc), without changing the center or sweep angle, use the Element Selection tool.