MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

WMS Map Editor Dialog, Settings Tab

Displays the settings of the current, server, map definition file and selected layers.

  • Title -

    Title of the currently selected server.

  • URL -

    URL of the currently selected server.

Map Definition
  • Layers -

    Lists the selected map layers.

  • Range Method -

    Sets the range method to use for the map definition.

    Range Method may be "Use range limits" or "Manual". If "Use range limits" is selected, the Map Editor uses the constraints specified in Map Range Limits and all of the coordinates are read-only. If "Manual" is chosen, it ignores those values and the coordinates are not read-only.

  • Map Range Limits -

    The map editor generates the coordinates by taking the intersection of the Layer Ranges, the useful range of the Model Coordinate System, and the useful range of the Map Coordinate System, ignoring any component marked "Do not use as limit".

    Choices for "Layer Ranges" are:

    • Use intersection of ranges of layers
    • Use union of ranges of layers
    • Do not use as limit

    Choices for "Model Coordinate System" and "Map Coordinate System" are:

    • Use useful range as limit
    • Do not use as limit
  • Projected Coordinates -

    Lists the projected coordinates.

  • Coordinate System (Select Coordinate System Dialog ) -

    Displays the active coordinate system.

    When creating a new map, the default coordinate system id determined by using the following approach:

    1. Use the current model’s coordinate system if the WMS server supports it.
    2. Otherwise, look for a coordinate system with matching parameters.
    3. Otherwise, look for the coordinate system that has the largest overlap with the active model’s coordinate system.
    4. Otherwise, try to guess the server’s preferred coordinate system.

    Use the selection button "..." to open the Select Coordinate System dialog in order to change the active coordinate system.

  • Format -

    Indicates the image file format.

  • URL -

    Displays the WMS Server's URL address.

  • Version -

    Version of the current WMS Server.

  • Transparent -

    Use to set transparency on or off.

Selected Layers
  • Name -

    Displays the name of the selected layer.

  • Style -

    Displays the style of the selected layer

  • Title -

    Shows the title of the selected layer.

  • Parent -

    Displays the title of the parent layer.

  • Abstract -

    Lists further information about the selected layer.

  • Opaque -

    Indicates whether the layer is opaque. If false: map data represents vector features that probably do not completely fill space. If true: map data are mostly or completely opaque.