MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Geometry Map Dialog

Used to edit the settings for geometry maps that are applied to surfaces during rendering.

You can access this dialog from the following:
  • Material Editor dialog: click the Geometry Map icon
The various sections of this dialog can be collapsed or expanded as required. The dialog is resizable.

Delete Layer (icon)

Removes the layer from the layers list.
Map Lets you select the type of map to be adjusted. The list of maps in the drop-down menu is identical to the list found in the Dynamically Adjust Map tool settings window.
Name Displays the name of the map cell file.
Right-click menu Right-clicking a layer entry in the list box lets you delete the layer from the layers list.
Cell Name Displays the name of the currently selected map cell file.
Find Cell icon

Opens the Cell Library dialog, from which you can select a different cell.
Units section Sets the mapping units.
Mapping section The Mapping section lets you define how the map is applied to surfaces in a rendered image.
Preview section Shows a preview of the selected map cell file.