MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Select and Place Cell

Used to select a cell in the DGN file and place an additional instance(s) of that cell.

The Active Level is set in the Attributes ribbon group.

You can access this tool from the following:

  • Ribbon: Drawing > Home > Placement > Cells split button
  • Ribbon: Drawing > Annotate > Cells > More split button
  • Toolbox: Cells

Active Angle Sets the angle by which the cell is rotated.
X Scale Sets the horizontal scale factor (along the cell’s x-axis).
Y Scale Sets the vertical scale factor (along the cell’s y-axis).
Z Scale (3D only) Sets the depth scale factor (along the cell’s z-axis).
Note: Regarding X, Y, Z scale factor: If a scale factor is between 0–1 (for example, 0.25), the size is decreased. If a scale factor is 1, the size is unchanged from the cell definition. If a scale factor is greater than 1, the size is increased.