MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Script Keyframe Dialog

Used to script a keyframe.

You can access this dialog from the following:
  • Animation KeyFrames dialog: click the Script button
  • Animation KeyFrames list box: double click a keyframe
  • Animation Producer dialog: right-click a keyframe and select Script

KeyFrame Displays the name of the keyframe that is selected in the Animation KeyFrames dialog.
Start Time Sets the keyframe's time, or frame number.
Set Start Date/Time icon (Time display set to a date or time format only) Opens a date and time dialog that lets you set the start date/time.
Interpolation Sets the path the elements follow when moving to the keyframe is defined.
  • Linear — The path followed between key frames will be a straight line. In most cases, this results in a jerky, unnatural motion.
  • Spline — A curve is fitted to the path the elements follow between key frames, which results in a smoother, more natural motion.
Velocity Sets how speed varies as the elements move to the keyframe.
  • Constant — The elements move at a constant velocity to the next keyframe.
  • Accelerate — The next movement starts at zero velocity and moves to the next keyframe with constant acceleration, as if it is initially at rest and is acted on by a constant force.
  • Decelerate — The next motion starts with a velocity that declines to zero at the next keyframe, as if the object is initially moving and is acted on by a constant opposing force.
  • Accelerate-Decelerate — Combines the Accelerate and Decelerate options. The elements start at rest, accelerate until halfway until the next keyframe, and then decelerate to rest by the next keyframe.
  • Infinite — The elements "jump" instantaneously to their position in the next keyframe.
  • Custom — This setting is useful where the velocity graph for the entry is to be modified later. When set to Custom, a default velocity curve, equivalent to Constant velocity, is added to the script entry.
Note: Modifying the velocity curve of a key frame with a velocity setting other than Custom results in its Velocity setting being modified to Custom.
Disabled If on, the script entry is disabled in the Animation Producer dialog.
OK The script entry details for the key frame are added to the storyboard panel in the Animation Producer dialog and the Script KeyFrame dialog closes.