MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Rebuild Curve

Used to “clean up” a B-spline curve that has a large number of control points (poles), like those sometimes imported from other systems.

You can access this tool from the following:

  • Ribbon: Modeling > Curves > Curve Utilities
  • Toolbox: Modify Curves

Method Sets the way that the curve is rebuilt.
  • Number of Points — Lets you set the number of control points, and the order of the rebuilt curve.
  • Refit with Tolerance — The curve is reconstructed, based on the given tolerance, to produce a “better” curve.
  • Uniform Knots — Retains the same number of poles, but the knots are distributed evenly.
No. of Control Points (Method set to Number of Points only) Sets the number of control points to be used in the rebuilt curve.
Order (Method set to Number of Points only) Sets the order of the rebuilt curve. Maximum order is 26.
Maintain Sharp (Method set to Refit with Tolerance only) If on, all the sharp corners of a curve will be maintained while the intermediate segments of the curve will be reconstructed.
Maintain Tangent (Method set to Refit with Tolerance only) If on, a complex chain (with a line tangent to a B-spline curve) will be reconstructed such that the end result will still have the line and the B-spline tangent to each other, but the B-spline segment will be reconstructed.
Keep Original If on, the original curve is not deleted upon creation of the replacement curve.
Tolerance (Method set to Refit with Tol only) Sets the maximum distance allowed between the replacement curve and the original curve.

To make the replacement curve appear identical to the original, even though its complexity is reduced, experiment with different Tolerance values.

Tip: To check the number of control points in a B-spline surface, select the B-spline surface and open the Properties dialog.