MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Reassociate Dimension

Used to reassociate a linear or radial dimension to an element.

You can reassociate dimensions to elements individually, or by using a fence and selection set. The intended elements must appear in the view window for the reassociation of their dimensions to occur.

To identify dimensions that have lost their association, Highlight Broken Associations, in the Operation category of the Preferences dialog ( File > Settings > User > Preferences ) is on by default. With this setting on, any dimensions that lose their associativity are emphasized with a thick, dashed line.

This tool supports linear and radial dimensions (line, line string, multi-line, shape, circular arc, or circle). It does not support ordinate dimensions or angle dimensions. To reassociate an ordinate dimension to an element, for example, use the Modify Element tool.

Use Fence If on, reassociates dimensions within the fence contents that have lost their associativity.