MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Preferences Dialog, Look and Feel Category

Consists of controls that are used to set preferences for the appearance and location of user interface elements.

Single Click Controls how tools are selected with a single click of the Data button. Options are Locked and Single-shot. Default is Locked.

With Single Click set to:

  • Single-shot — you can select a tool for single-shot operation with a single click, or you can double-click it to select and lock the tool.
  • Locked — you can select and lock a tool with a single click, or you can double-click it to set it for single-shot operation.
Default Tool Sets the tool that is automatically selected upon completion of a one-time function. Options are None or Selection. Default is Selection.
Highlight Sets the color with which tools are highlighted to indicate locked selection. Options are Black, Gray, or Color. Default is Gray. When a Windows Visual Style is active, the tool highlight color cannot be changed. This option is not available for Windows 8 or later.
Layout Affects the size of toolboxes. Options are Narrow, Regular, or Wide. Default is Regular.
Tool Box Tool Size Sets the size, in pixels, of tool icons in the toolboxes:
  • Small (16 x 16)
  • Medium (24 x 24) — the default
  • Large (32 x 32)
View Tool Size Sets the size, in pixels, of tool icons in toolboxes docked to open view windows. The effect of this setting is visible only when the View ToolBox option in the Preferences dialog View Options category is on.
  • Small (16 x 16) — the default
  • Medium (24 x 24)
  • Large (32 x 32)
Marker Size Sets the size, in pixels, of Marker icons:
  • Default (Tool Size) — The marker size matches the tool size.
  • Small (16 X 16)
  • Medium (24 X 24)
  • Large (32 X 32)
  • Extra Large (48 X 48)
  • Variable — The marker size will vary to match the underlying geometry such as the callout size, element size and so on.
Auto-focus Tool Settings If on, the input focus automatically moves to the Tool Settings window when a tool with settings is selected. Default is off.
Borderless Icons If on (the default), the icons for all tools except the selected tool are displayed without borders.
High-contrast icon edges If on, image processing increases the clarity of the icons and gives them a more definite edge. Default is off.
Use Windows file open If on (the default), native Windows file selection dialogs are used instead of the product file open dialogs.
Highlight file name If on (the default), the last opened file will be highlighted in the File Open dialog. Note that this may cause some virus scanners to scan large files.
Restore undocked dialogs If on, non-modal dialogs such as References dialog, Models dialog, and Saved Views dialog if open when the last design session ended, will be opened in the new session also.
Focused dialog is opaque If on and the transparency is set, the dialog becomes opaque when it receives the focus. Default is off.
Modeless dialogs transparency If on, all modeless dialogs use the same transparency from 0–100 as set in the slider scale where a value of 0% indicates no transparency and a value of 100% indicates full transparency. Default is off.
Hide Thumbnail View If on, you will see the thumbnail previews of the Recent files along with the name and the file path. This will also enable options for Show Details and Show Thumbnail icon. If off (the default) you will only see the file name and path.