MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Place Center Mark

Used to place a center mark at the center of a circle or arc.

Style Displays the active dimension style. The drop-down list box allows you to select other available dimension styles.
Dimension Styles
Opens the Dimension Styles dialog, which is used to control settings for dimensioning.
Reset Style
Restores settings to the default dimension style settings.
Center Size Sets the size of the center mark. If set to 0, the center mark size is the active text height. If set to a negative value then extension lines are added to the center mark. Offset distance and length of the extension lines can be set in the Dimension Styles Dialog - Geometry Tab by enabling Extension lines or can be dynamically adjusted in the drawing when Association is off.

Left: Center mark with center size = 0.05 / Right: center size = -0.03 (negative value shows extension lines)

Changes made to the Center Size value get reflected in the Geometry tab of Dimension Styles dialog. You can save the changes or reset to previously saved value.

  • If on, an association point is created.
  • If off, no associations are created.