MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Place Cell Index

Used to create and place a cell index. A cell index contains all of the models in the active DGN file that are marked as “Can be placed as cell.” The cell index is stored in the active model and each cell is attached as a reference. After a cell has been placed you can edit it.

You can access this tool from the following:

  • Ribbon: Drawing > Home > Placement > Cells
  • Ribbon: Drawing > Annotate > Cells > More
  • Toolbox: Cells

If models are added or deleted from the DGN file after a cell index has been created, the cell index is not updated automatically to include the additions and deletions. You must recreate the cell index to include those changes. If a model's scale changes significantly, you may need to recreate the cell index so that the model scales properly within the grid.

Cell indexes are meant to be placed in 2D models. However, if you create a cell index in a 3D model, it will always be aligned with the top view, and not with the view plane. 3D models in a cell index are rotated to an isometric view.

This tool's settings are saved in the model when you create the cell index.

Box Size (in characters) The size of the box in which each cell appears. The box size is based on the active text style. The default is 20.
Cells per Row The number of cells per row in the cell index. The default is 10.
Grid Lines If on, grid lines appear around the cells.
Names If on, the cells' names appear below each cell. There is no limit to the cell name's length. If a name is longer than the box size, it will overlap the name in the cell to the right of it.
Descriptions If on, the cells' descriptions appear below each cell. There is no limit to the cell description's length. The description will wrap around and shrink to fit within the box size.
Insertion Points If on, displays the cell's origin in each cell.
Enable Screen Menus (Available only if Grid Lines is on.) If on, creates the cell index as a clickable screen menu.