MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Change Pattern

Used to change an existing pattern to:
  • Match the current attributes and/or pattern parameters.
  • Redefine the intersection point of the patterning.
  • Re-flood the area.
You can access this tool from the following:
  • Ribbon: Drawing > Annotate > Patterns
  • Toolbox: Patterning

Attributes If on, the current pattern attributes are applied to the pattern.
Pattern Parameters If on, the current pattern parameters are applied to the pattern.
Intersection Point If on, the pointer position defines the new intersection point of the pattern.
Re-Flood If on, the selected region is re-flooded.
Annotation Scale Lock icon

Sets the Annotation Scale Lock. When this lock is on, the annotation scale is applied to the pattern.

By default, the annotation scale is taken from the model's Annotation Scale setting. You can change it only in the model's properties in the Properties dialog. The exception is when the model's Propagate Annotation Scale property is off. In that case, the annotation scale can be controlled independently for each element via its properties.