MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

OBJ Open File Settings Dialog

Used to set options for opening an OBJ file. Opens from the Open dialog when an OBJ file is selected and you click the Options button. OBJ files open in read-only mode.

Override normals specified in file If on, MicroStation ignores the normals supplied by the OBJ file and calculates its own. If a file appears blotchy, selecting this check box may fix the problem. This check box is off by default.
Do not import OBJ materials If on, the OBJ file's materials are not imported when you open the file. If off (the default), the OBJ file's materials are imported and appear in the Material Editor dialog .
Import OBJ groups Groups are used to organize geometry into separate pieces within an OBJ file. If on, OBJ groups are separated into cells that use the corresponding group names. This check box is off by default.
Rotate about Y axis If off (the default), the geometry is imported with the assumption that the file is using XYZ coordinates. If on, the geometry is rotated as if the file were using XZY coordinates.