MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Rebuild Surface

(3D only) Used to rebuild a B-spline surface.

You can access this tool from the following:

  • Ribbon: Modeling > Surfaces > Surface Utilities
  • Toolbox: Modify B-spline Surfaces

Type Sets the type of rebuilt surface.
  • Reduce Data — Used to remove unnecessary control points from a surface with tolerance.
  • Rebuild with Tolerance — Used to remove cusp points on a surface by sampling a set of points from the surface and recreating it.
  • Rebuild with Num Poles — Similar to Rebuild with Tolerance, but with a fixed number of poles as input.
  • Swap UV — Swaps the U and V directions, so that U becomes V and vice versa.
  • Reverse U — Reverses the U direction.
  • Reverse V — Reverses the V direction.
  • Make Uniform Knots — Where a surface has all the knots concentrated in a certain region, such as to one side of the surface, it may be that the 0.5 knot is not near the center of the surface. This option attempts to rebuild the surface such that the 0.5 knot corresponds, as near as possible, to the center of the surface.
Keep Original If on, the original surface is not deleted upon creation of the replacement surface.
Tolerance (Type set to Reduce Data or Rebuild with Tolerance only) Sets the maximum distance allowed between the replacement surface and the original surface. To make the replacement surface appear identical to the original, even though its complexity is reduced, experiment with different Tolerance values.
Num U Poles If Type is set to Rebuild with Num Poles, sets the number of poles in the U direction.
Num V Poles If Type is set to Rebuild with Num Poles, sets the number of poles in the V direction.
Tip: To check the number of control points in a B-spline surface, select the B-spline surface and open the Properties dialog.