MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Menu Settings Dialog

Used to manage screen menu settings.

You can open this dialog from the following:

  • Ribbon: Admin > Interface > Screen Menu

You can reopen the Menu Settings dialog as many times as you want to edit the menu properties.

Menu Origin Sets the screen menu position relative to the menu justification point. The menu justification point is defined in the Relative To drop-down list. Following screen menu position options are provided:
  • Lower Left
  • Upper Center
  • Center Center (default)
  • Lower Center
  • Upper Right
  • Center Right
  • Lower Right
  • Fixed Screen Position - If selected, the screen menu is positioned at a fixed position inside the view window. In this case, the Offset X and Offset Y fields specify the position of the center of the menu in percent of the usable area in the X and Y directions.
Relative To Sets the screen menu justification point. Following options are provided:
  • Cursor
  • Screen
  • View
Offset X Enter the center position of the screen menu in percent of the usable area in X direction.
Offset Y Enter the center position of the screen menu in percent of the usable area in X direction.
Preferred Screen (Available only when Menu Origin is set to Fixed Screen Position) Allows you to pick which view window to use when the Open Two Application Windows user preference is turned on.
Hilite Display Style Allows you to choose a display style to use for hiliting elements in screen menus as the cursor hovers over them. The selected Display Style is drawn over the existing display, so the effects are somewhat muted. You will have to experiment with the overall display style and the highlight display style to see what works best for you.
Create a New Visibility Condition
(Available only when you have one or more named groups defined) Opens the Create Visibility Condition dialog from which you can control the visibility of graphic elements based on the value of a named expression.
The Create Visibility Condition dialog has following settings:
  • Named Group - Allows you to select a named group
  • Named Expression - Allows you to select a named expression.

The elements in the designated named group are displayed in the screen menu only when the named expression is true.

Delete the Visibility Condition
Deletes the selected visibility condition.