MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Measure Volume

(3D only) Used to measure the volume enclosed by an element or a set of elements and to analyze mass properties. The element(s) must completely enclose a volume; if a volume is not enclosed, a message appears in the status bar. Meshes with inconsistent normals are considered invalid for volume reporting. Such meshes should be fixed using the Change Mesh Normal tool before measuring volume.

You can access this tool from the following:
  • Ribbon: Drawing > Analyze > Measure
  • Toolbox: Measure

Mass Properties If on, the Mass Properties window displays the mass property analysis for the measured volume.
Display Center Of Mass If on, a graphic crosshair that represents the center of mass for the measured element(s) is displayed.
Volume Unit Sets the units used to display the last volume measured.
  • cubic <master units>
  • cubic m — (Metric units only) Cubic meters.
  • Liter — (Metric units only)
  • Gallon (US) — (English units only)
  • Gallon (UK) — (English units only)
  • US Barrels (Oil) — (English units only): [1 bbl (US Oil) = 158.987L]
  • US Barrels (Federal) — (English units only): [1 bbl (US Federal) = 117.347L]
Volume Displays the result of the last volume measured. The unit of measurement displayed in this field can be controlled by the MS_MEASURE_AREA_UNIT2 configuration variable.