MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Measure Length

Used to measure the length of an element(s) and analyze mass properties. For a closed element or a surface, the length of the perimeter or wireframe geometry is measured.

You can access this tool from the following:
  • Ribbon: Drawing > Analyze > Measure
  • Toolbox: Measure

Measurements of referenced perspective saved views are not supported.

Mass Properties If on, the Mass Properties window displays the mass property analysis.
Display Centroid If on, a graphic crosshair that represents the center of mass for the measured element(s) is displayed.
Flatten Direction Sets how measurements for the length are reported.
  • None — Measures the true length in 2D and 3D sheet and design models.
  • View Z — Measures the projected length based on the view rotation. Not recommended for use in 3D design models. For 3D data referenced to a 2D Design model or 2D sheet model or 3D sheet model the projected distance is reported.
  • ACS Z — Measures about the active Auxiliary Coordinate System (ACS) or in the ACS XY plane. Results are projected about the ACS Z or on the ACS XY plane.
  • AccuDraw Z — Measures about the AccuDraw compass XY or about AccuDraw Z. Results are projected about the AccuDraw Z or on the AccuDraw XY plane.
Length Displays the length measured.
Direction Displays the angle measured.