MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Save Panorama Dialog

Used to save an image as a panorama.

You can access this dialog from the following:
  • Ribbon: Drawing > Utilities > Image
  • Ribbon: Modeling > Utilities > Image
  • Ribbon: Visualization > Home > Rendering
  • Toolbox: Render

View The source view from which the panorama is created.
Format Sets the format of the saved panorama. The available formats are the same as those in the Save Image dialog.
Compression Sets the degree of compression for an image file format. For example, compression options for a JPEG Format image file are from Minimum Loss to High Loss. Greater compression is achieved as image quality is sacrificed: Minimum Loss yields the highest image quality and least compression; High Loss yields the poorest image quality and the greatest compression.
Mode Sets the color mode used for the saved panorama, which depends on the Format chosen.
Render Setup Option menu that lets you select a pre-defined rendering setup.
Render Mode Sets the rendering method — From View, Wireframe, Visible Edges, Filled Visible Edges, Smooth (Gouraud), or Luxology.
Light Setup Option menu that lets you select a previously configured lighting setup.
Environment Setup Option menu lets you select a previously configured environment setup.
Antialias Option menu that lets you set the number of Samples taken during antialiasing calculations.
  • None — Turns off Antialiasing.
  • Very Low, Low, Medium, High, or Very High — Automatically sets the values for Samples, which display in the Settings tab of the Render Setups dialog.
  • Custom — Lets you manually edit the value for Samples, which you can do in the Settings tab of the Render Setups dialog.
Panorama Type Defines the type of panorama being saved.
  • Cube — Saves the panorama so that it can be viewed in six perspectives: front, back, left, right, top, bottom.
  • Cylinder — Saves the panorama so that it can be viewed in any direction horizontally, like in a cylinder. The number of view perspectives around the cylinder depends on the number set in the Slices field.
Slices (Panorama Type set to Cylinder only) Defines the number of slices in the cylindrical panorama. The more slices into which the cylinder is divided, the better the viewing results. This field is disabled (dimmed) when Cube is the selected Panorama Type.
Resolution X/Y Sets the number of vertical and horizontal lines of the visibility test grid.
Gamma Correction Sets the display gamma correction value. The base value is 1.0. A value lower than 1.0 creates a darker image, a value higher than 1.0 creates a lighter image.
Save Opens the Save Panorama As dialog, which is used to name the panorama and set the location in which it is saved.