MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Movie Edit Settings Dialog

Used to adjust settings that affect movie editing.

You can access this dialog from the following:
  • Movies window: Settings > Editing

Type Sets the manner in which a sequence is joined when it is inserted into the current sequence.
  • Cut — The sequences are joined without any transition frames; the current sequence "cuts" immediately to the inserted sequence.
  • Horizontal Wipe — The inserted sequence is "wiped" horizontally onto the current sequence.
  • Vertical Wipe — The inserted sequence is "wiped" vertically onto the current sequence.
  • Fade — The current sequence fades out and the inserted sequence fades in.
Frames Sets the number of transition frames, which determines the duration of a wipe or fade transition. The more transition frames, the slower and more gradual the transition. A value of zero is equivalent to a cut transition.
Still If on, the sequence transition is made between the last frame of the current sequence and the first frame of the inserted sequence. This is equivalent to freezing the current sequence at the last frame and wiping or fading to the first frame of the new sequence.

If off, apparent motion continues, and the beginning and end of the joined sequences overlap during the transition.