MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Export Parasolid XMT File Dialog

Used to export an open DGN file as a Parasolid file.

You can access this dialog from the following:
  • Ribbon: File > Export > 3D Modeling File Types > Parasolids (*.x_t)

Note: Except where noted, the controls are analogous to those in the Save As dialog.
Parasolid Version Allows you to specify the version of the Parasolid export file.

An older version of Parasolid will import to a newer version but a newer version will not import to an older version. Example if you intend to open the exported file in an application that only supports Parasolid Version 16.0 then the Parasolid version must be set to 16.0 or less. Going from Parasolid 19.0 version to 16.0 may have problems.

Parasolid Version 19.0 and lower is supported in this version of MicroStation.

XMT File Units Allows you to specify the units for the Parasolid export file.

The data will be scaled to match the units of the export file. (If the units in both files are the same, no scaling occurs.)