MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Render Setup Manager Dialog

Used to create custom rendering setups for use with Luxology.

You can access this dialog from the following:
  • Ribbon: Visualization > Home > Rendering dialog launcher
  • Luxology Render dialog: Render Setup icon
  • Toolbox: Render

The dialog title displays the current render setup settings being displayed. Double-clicking an entry in the tree view, makes the setup active for rendering. Icons in the tree view indicate the state of the render setup as follows:

Local setup. If the name displays in:
  • Blue — it has yet to be saved locally.
  • Black — it has been saved locally.

Local copy matches one in the library.

Local copy differs from the one in the library. If the name displays in:
  • Blue — it has yet to be saved locally.
  • Black — it has been saved locally.
Show Setup List Toggles tree view visibility, for render setups.

When you select (single-click) a render setup from the list, its settings appear in the tabbed section of the dialog. Double-clicking on an entry in the tree view makes it the active setup for rendering.

When not visible, you can click the down-arrow to open a drop-down menu of the available render setups from which you can select (equivalent to single-click selection in the tree view).

New Setup

Creates a new (local) rendering setup. By default, it is given the name Untitled-n, which you can edit to a name of your choice.
Save Setup

When you change an existing setup, or create a new one, the Save Setup icon is enabled to indicate a save is possible. Names of setups that are yet to be saved appear in blue in the tree view.
Copy Setup

Copies the selected setup, if the setup exists in the LuxologyRender.dgnlib, a local copy is made.
Delete Setup

Deletes the selected setup.

Only local setups can be deleted.

If you have copied a setup that exists in the library, and then deleted it, the library symbol will change to gray when the local copy is deleted.

Setups that are local, and don’t exist in an external DGN library, are permanently deleted.

Reset Setup

(Enabled only when you have made a change to a setup) Returns the setup to its previously saved state.
Update from Library

Synchronizes the local setup to match the one in the DGN library.
Quality slide control Lets you quickly adjust keyed values inside the selected render setup. The slide control is present also in the Luxology Render dialog. Both slide controls are synchronized if the same setup is selected in both dialogs. The slider changes several settings that affect quality and performance with lowest quality and best performance being to the left and highest quality slower render time being to the right.

Values in the Settings and Global Illumination tabs that may be adjusted with this control are indicated by a key icon. Clicking the key icon enables/disables the setting for adjustment with the slider.

The delivered render setups have the appropriate key values activated. For example, the Ambient Occlusion setup, has Occlusion Rays keyed but Irradiance rays are not.

Note: Where you use a custom setting that is outside the normal range, the slide control cannot be used to adjust them. For example, the Interior Extreme setup does not use a keyed value for Indirect Bounces because it is set to 10. This is far higher than what should be used for 99% of renderings and thus outside the range of the slider.
Settings tab The Settings tab contains controls that affect the rendered output.
Global Illumination tab The Global Illumination tab contains settings that control how indirect light is processed by the Luxology rendering engine.
Advanced The Advanced Tab provides a tree view containing all settings from the Settings and Global Illumination tabs. In addition, in the General Settings tree, there are a some seldom needed settings that are only revealed on this tab.