MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Line Style Editor Dialog, Stroke Pattern Attributes Section

Contains controls used to modify stroke pattern attributes. These controls are visible only while a stroke pattern component is selected in the Components list box.

Shift Sets the distance or fraction by which the stroke pattern is shifted or adjusted.
  • Distance — The distance, in master units, that the stroke pattern is shifted relative to the beginning of an element or element segment. For example, if the distance is set to half the length of the stroke pattern component, only the second half of the stroke pattern displays at the start of elements before the stroke pattern begins to repeat.
  • Fraction — The fraction, in decimal, of the first stroke that displays at the start and end of an element or element segment. Each variable length stroke is scaled.
  • Centered — Calculates the number of complete iterations of the pattern that will fit along a line. The set of iterations minus the first dash is the centered along the line. The first dash is then stretched or shrunk to fill the remaining space at the start of the line and copied to the end of the line. So the first and last dash are the same length, and can be any length up to half the pattern length. The centered line styles have been added for DWG compatibility.
Note: This setting can be overridden by setting the Shift modifier in the Line Styles dialog.
Repetitions Sets the number of times the stroke pattern is repeated throughout the length of an element or element segment. The number of repetitions does not have to be fixed.

These options are in the option menu:

  • Unlimited — The stroke pattern is repeated as many times as necessary to display the element.
  • Count — A fixed number of repetitions is set in the field to the right of the option menu. Each variable length stroke is scaled.
Single Segment If on, the stroke pattern is truncated at the end of each element segment (displayable vector) and restarted at the beginning of each segment. If off, strokes are continued uninterrupted from one segment to the next.