MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Create Complex Chain

Used to create a complex chain — an open complex element that is formed from a series of open elements (lines, line strings, arcs, and curves, and open B-spline curves) that can be manipulated as if it were a single primitive element. The resulting complex chain takes on the active element attributes regardless of the attributes of the component elements.

You can access this tool from the following:

  • Ribbon: Drawing > Home > Groups
  • Ribbon: Modeling > Home > Groups
  • Toolbox: Groups

Method Sets how elements are added to the complex chain:
  • Manual — Each element is manually selected.
  • Automatic — After the first element is selected and accepted, if endpoints of additional open element(s) are within the Max. Gap distance of each other, they are included automatically. Where there is a choice of two or more elements (at the endpoint of an element) then the process lets you choose to either Accept the highlighted element, or Reset to see the alternative(s).
Max(imum) Gap The greatest allowable distance between elements when the Method is Automatic.

If zero, only elements that connect (have a common endpoint) can be added.

Simplify geometry If on, connected lines are added as line strings. If you select only connected lines, the tool produces a primitive line string element rather than a complex chain.
Note: To convert a complex chain back to its individual components, use the Drop Element tool.
Tip: It is best to create complex chains from elements that share common endpoints.
Tip: To draw a complex chain of connected arcs and line segments with one tool, use the Place SmartLine tool.