MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

To Place a Named Boundary Using an Element

  1. In the Drawing workflow, on the View tab, in the Named Boundaries group, select Place Named Boundary.

  2. In the Place Named Boundary tool settings window make the following settings:
    1. Select By Element.

    2. Enter name and optionally description for the named boundary.
    3. (Optional) From the Group drop-down list, select the group.
    4. Turn off Create Drawing check box.
      Note: If the Create Drawing check box is turned on, the Create Drawing dialog opens for creating a saved view and automating dynamic views.
  3. Select the element for named boundary placement.
  4. Enter a data point to accept the selection.
Note: When you create a saved view from a named boundary, the saved view's orientation is same as AccuDraw's orientation. If AccuDraw is off and if the saved view is placed in a sheet model, the sheet model's orientation is used; else the saved view uses the view's orientation.