MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

To Place a Detail Callout

  1. Select the Place Detail Callout tool.
  2. (Optional) Select a detailing symbol style.
  3. Define the shape (circle, ellipse, or rectangle) of the callout boundary by selecting the corresponding icon.
  4. Turn off the Create Drawing check box.
    Note: If the Create Drawing check box is turned on, the Create Drawing dialog opens for creating a saved view and automating dynamic views.
  5. Enter data points to draw the callout boundary:
    If the callout boundary is a enter data points to define its
    circle center and edge
    ellipse center, major axis, and minor axis
    rectangle opposite corners
    Note: If the saved view is created, it will be rectangular, even if the callout boundary is circular or elliptical.
  6. Enter a data point to define the location of the reference number.
  7. Do one of the following:

    Reset to finish.


    To define a detail callout with an offset, enter further data points prior to entering a Reset.

    Placing a Detail Callout