MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Valid Expressions for Equations

When creating equations you have access to MicroStation's mathematical capabilities.

White Space and Comments

White space and comments can appear anywhere in an expression and are ignored.

A comment is a sequence of characters enclosed in brackets or braces, as follows:

'[' … ']' | '{' … '}' | '/*' … '*/'

Built-in Functions and Arithmetic Operators

You can include any of the following arithmetic operators in your equations:

Function/Operator Operation Performed
arithmetic negation
cos cosine
sin sine
tan tangent
acos arccosine
asin arcsine
atan arctangent
sqrt square root
ceil (x) returns a double value representing the smallest integer that is greater than or equal to x. There is no error return.
floor (x) returns a floating-point value representing the largest integer that is less than or equal to x. There is no error return.
fabs (x) returns the absolute value of the floating point number (x)
+ addition
* multiplication
/ division
% modulo
^ exponent. For example, a^2 squares the value of a.

Built-in Numerical Constant

Constant Means
pi π