MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Using the In-Place Editing Feature

The in-place editing feature allows you to edit a single print definition property for one or more print definitions. This is accomplished by editing the print definition property in Print Organizer's right pane.

Note: You cannot edit properties that are not applicable to a fixed or variable print definition. For example, when you are editing a variable print definition, you cannot edit properties such as X size, Y size, or Scale, since these values are assigned by a print style.

In order to use the in-place editing feature, you must set Print Organizer’s view mode to Details (View > Details). In Details mode, the right pane displays print definitions in tabular form, where each row is a print definition and each column is a print definition property value.

To edit a property for one or more print definitions, select the print definition(s) and double-click the property value to change its value. Some properties require you to type in the property value while others display a drop-down list box with the available choices.

In-place editing feature

If the property you want to modify is not listed in Print Organizer's right pane, you can use the Show/Hide Columns dialog to turn columns on or turn columns off and to reorder column headings.