MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Utilities Tab

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  • Update Links
  • Updates embedded or linked objects in a DGN file.
  • Edit Links
  • Used to update, break, or change the source of a linked object.
  • DDE Links
  • Lists the DDE string for each DDE link and lets you maintain links.
  • MDL Applications
  • Used to load, unload, and monitor the sizes and memory use of MicroStation Development Libraries (MDL) applications.
  • Close Tool Boxes
  • Used to close the toolboxes.


  • Display
  • Used to display a bitmapped (raster) image in a window.
  • Convert
  • Used to make batch conversions of raster image files.
  • Save Multiple
  • Used to build an image script file that defines the names of the design files, views, output files, rendering options, and image formats of the image files being saved.
  • Save Image
  • Used to save the contents of a rendered or wireframe view to a file.


  • Play
  • Used to run the selected macro.
  • Record
  • Used to record actions such as selecting tools, placing elements, opening and closing dialogs, and so on.
  • Stop
  • Used to stop recording a macro.
  • Macros
  • Displays a list of macros available in the currently loaded BMR and VBA projects.
  • Edit macro
  • Opens the Editor in which you can edit the selected macro.
  • VBA Manager
  • Serves as MicroStation's integrated development environment (IDE) for VBA, allowing you to manage VBA projects. VBA macros are not embedded in DGN files, they are stored separately in .mvba files.
  • Open Macros
  • Used to display a list of macros available in the currently loaded projects.

Design History

  • Commit
  • Commits changes to the design history. Increases the design history's revision number by one.
  • Tags
  • Used to assign symbolic names to revisions in the design history.
  • Audit Trail
  • Used to display a record of history management actions, such as creation, combine, retire, or change in revision number.
  • Restore
  • Used to undo all changes to a collection of elements since a specific revision, thus restoring their state as of that revision.
  • Combine
  • (Available when combine=1 is set in the MS_DESIGN_HISTORY configuration variable) Used to delete a range of revisions, replacing them with a single, net revision.
  • Retire
  • (Available when retire=1 is set in the MS_DESIGN_HISTORY configuration variable) Used to delete all revisions from the start of history for a selected revision.
  • Delete
  • (Available when delete=1 is set in the MS_DESIGN_HISTORY configuration variable) Used to remove design history from a design file.
  • Design History
  • Used to track and view the incremental changes made to all models in a file, as well as changes to attached references.


  • Sign
  • Used to create, delete and revalidate digital signatures.
  • Signature cell
  • Used to create a digital signature with model scope. A signature with model scope (“model signature”) captures the state of the model when the signature is placed.


  • Synchronize Google Earth View
  • Used to have Google Earth navigate to the current MicroStation view. If Google Earth is not open when the tool is used, it will be opened automatically.

Drawing Scale

  • Master Unit
  • Sets the Master Units component of working units.
  • Sub Unit
  • Sets the Sub Units component of working units.
  • Annotation Scale Lock
  • When on, the annotation scale is applied to any text elements, dimensions, text nodes, notes, detailing symbols, annotation cells, hatches, patterns, tags, and line styles placed in the model.
  • Annotation Scale
  • Sets the annotation scale factor.
  • ACS Plane Lock
  • Sets the Auxiliary Coordinate System (ACS) Lock, which locks AccuDraw's compass to the selected ACS.
  • Auxiliary Coordinate System
  • Sets the Auxiliary Coordinate System to be used.
  • Auxiliary Coordinate System Scale
  • Sets the Auxiliary Coordinate System scale factor. When active, elements are placed with the scale factor applied.