MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

To Interpolate Colors

  1. From the Edit menu in the Color Table dialog, choose Interpolate Colors.

    The Color Interpolation dialog opens.

  2. From the Interpolation Style option menu, choose RGB (Red, Green, Blue) or HSV (Hue, Saturation, Value).
  3. Turn on Start Color and select the starting color by clicking it in the color palette.
  4. Turn on End Color and select the ending color by clicking it in the color palette.
  5. To start interpolation, click the Blend button.
  6. (Optional) Repeat steps 2–5 for other color ranges.
  7. Click the OK button to accept the color table modifications and return to the Color Table dialog.
    Note: During this procedure, you can double-click colors to manually modify them, using the Modify Color dialog.