MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

To Import a CTB Plot Style

  1. Open a DWG file.
  2. Select File > Print > Print.

    The Print dialog opens.

  3. Select Resymbolization > Attach Pen Table.

    The Select Pen Table File dialog opens.

  4. From the list box, select the CTB file (*.ctb), then click Open.
  5. Select Resymbolization > Edit Pen Table.

    The Modify Pen Table dialog opens.

  6. From the Modify Pen Table dialog, click Map Pen Colors.

    The Map Design Colors to Output Pen Symbology dialog opens and displays the current settings for the pen mappings.

  7. Select a design color and click Edit to modify the output settings, if necessary.

  8. (Optional) Close the Edit Pen Maps dialog, the Map Design Colors to Pen Symbology dialog, and the Modify Pen Table dialog.

    The Print dialog is open.

  9. Click the Preview icon.

    The drawing preview is updated in the Print dialog.

  10. Click the Print icon.
  11. Close the Print dialog.