MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Rendering Setups

Rendering, particularly of complex models, can be time consuming. Various rendering settings can have a major impact on rendering times. For initial working images, coarse settings can be used, to produce images quickly. For final images, however, you must remember to adjust the settings to improve the quality. The Render Setup Manager dialog lets you create Render Setups to streamline these procedures. All rendering tools and dialogs let you select Render Setup.

The Render Setup Manager dialog lets you create rendering setups and save them with the design file. You can create multiple setups that cover different rendering scenarios, such as:

  • Working setup — with coarse settings, useful for initial rendering to check the placement of lights and materials.
  • Check setup — with finer settings to give a near final quality image for last minute checking.
  • Final setup — with all settings chosen to produce the final high quality, photo-realistic rendered image.

To load the settings relative to the current requirements you select the appropriate Setup Name, from an option menu.

Setup files also can be imported from other DGN files so you need to go through the initial setting up process once only.

You can also find render setups and environment setups, which are available for current dgn file, under the Render Setups and Environment Setups entries as sub-nodes in the File tab of the Explorer dialog. To modify and edit their settings, select Properties from the reset pop-up menu of that render or environment setup.