MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

To Pattern the Intersection or Union of Closed Elements

  1. Select the Pattern Area tool ( Drawing > Annotate > Patterns ).

  2. Click the Union or Intersection icon in the tool settings.
  3. Choose the cell or pattern to use.
  4. Select one element.
  5. Select another element.
  6. (Optional) Use <Ctrl+data point> to select further elements.

    The resulting area is highlighted.

    If the elements do not overlap, the following occurs, depending on the Method:

    Method If elements do not overlap, then
    Intersection "Elements do not intersect" is displayed in the status bar.
    Union All elements are patterned.
  7. Enter a data point to pattern the area.

    The final acceptance point defines a point through which a pattern line must pass.

    Left: Union patterning. Right: Intersection patterning.