MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

To Create and Define a New Markup Named Expression

  1. Open the Named Expressions dialog ( Drawing > Utilities > Utilities ).
  2. Click the New icon.

    An expression named New appears in the list.

  3. Change the internal name to MarkupName_ModelName.
  4. Change the external name to Markup_<model>.
  5. (Optional) Enter a description; for example, Generate a markup name containing the active model name.
  6. In Keywords, turn on Markup.
  7. In the Expression text box, type "Markup_". (The quotes around Markup_ are required.)
  8. In the Expression text box, after "Markup_", add the "&" operator to concatenate strings.

    Do not use quotes around "&." You can add or not add blank spaces before or after the "&" symbol.

  9. Click the blank option button to the right of the Symbol Sets text box.

    The drop-down menu displays a list of objects whose properties you can use in the expression.

  10. Select ActiveModel and click Add.

    ActiveModel displays in the Symbol Sets text box.

  11. Right-click in the Expression text box and from the pop-up menu, select ActiveModel > Name.

    In the Expression text box, ActiveModel.Name is appended to "Markup_" &.

  12. Click Test.

    Markup_<name of model> displays in the field to the right of the Test button.

  13. Click Save.