MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help


The following enhancements are made to i-models.

Publish i-model(s) dialog

The following settings are added to the Publish i-model(s) dialog:
  • Embed Documents - Allows you to select documents to embed within your i-model. Using the Include Linked Design Files setting, you can now publish and embed non-DGN linked documents into the i-models (.imodels).
  • Create an i-model (.imodel) file - If on, publishes mobile i-model (.imodel) files that can be used with mobile applications.
  • Publish .imodel to Personal Share - (Available only if you are signed in from the CONNECTION Client) If on, publishes an i-model to the Personal Share. The file name on Personal Share will be the same as the one on the local drive. If a file with the same name already exists in the Personal Share, it will be overwritten.
  • Publish Displayed Attachments Only - If on, only the displayed reference attachments are published in the i-model.
The following publishing related configuration variables are added:
  • MS_PUBLISHDGN_REMOVE_MISSING_ATTACHMENTS - Removes missing point cloud, rasters, or reference attachments during the publishing or packaging of i-model.
  • MS_PUBLISHDGN_ENFORCE_VALIDATION - If set to 1, enforces validation checks during publishing i-models for missing library schemas, rasters, point clouds, or references. If there are any missing items, publishing would fail and package will not be created. If set to 0 or undefined (the default), warning messages for the missing attachments will be logged in the Message Center and package will be created as a replica of the source file.
The following key-ins are also added:
  • PUBLISHDGN PUBLISHTOCONNECT [ path_of_the_.imodel_file ]

Support for opening .imodel and .idgndb files

You can now open .imodel and .idgndb files from the File Open dialog and Open dialog.