MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

To Move a Map with Method: Absolute

  1. In the Dynamically Adjust Map tool settings, select the Move Map icon.
  2. Select an element whose map is to be adjusted.

    The map displays on the element.

  3. If material is multi-layered, select the layer to modify.
  4. Set Method to Absolute.

    The tool settings expand to display the map in a window. The arrow icon to the right lets you toggle the display of this window.

  5. If necessary, use the tools at the bottom of the pattern display window to help you find the required point on the map.
  6. Enter a data point on the image (in the window) to define the reference point.
  7. Enter a data point on the element to locate the map's reference point on the element.
  8. Repeat step 6 to relocate the map's reference point on the element, or Reset to complete.