MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

To Use a Stereo Device to Make Adjustments to a Stereo Image in Effects Manager

  1. Make the stereo device the primary screen in a two screen setup.
  2. Run MicroStation and the Effects Manager from the second screen and not from the stereo device.
  3. Startup the Stereo Effects Manager by keying in dialog stereoeffectsmgr.
  4. Move the stereo dialog to the primary screen (the stereo device).
  5. (Optional) Use Sizer, a Windows application, for sizing any Windows application window.
  6. Create a profile that will size a window to full screen for the stereo device.
  7. Apply this to the Stereo Effects Manager so it fills the screen on the primary monitor.
  8. Put on your 3D glasses and make the adjustments to the image using the Effects Manager that is running on the secondary screen.
    Note: Stereo can only be used with the Luxology Render dialog. You can create stereo images that could be used with the Effects Manager by manually rendering these using Luxology dialog and then retrieving them from the history folder.