MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Using the Delivered Sample Borders

When you install the product, a number of sample border files are delivered to the ANSI, Architectural, and ISO subdirectories of the ..\MicroStation\Default\Borders directory. These provide sample border files that you can use, either as references, or placed as cells.

In each border DGN file there is a default model, in which the title block is drawn at full scale. This model then is referenced to other models for various scales, including Full Scale. The description for each model includes an example of the size required for any text, to produce standard size text in the printed output.

A cell placed below the title block provides instructions for its use. This cell contains tags that can be used to input information into the various fields of the title block.

If the border file has been referenced to the active file, rather than placed as a cell, then you should copy the cell (containing the instructions) into the active file in order to edit the title block tags.