MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Annotation and Drawing Composition

It is advisable to separate annotations from design. Store drawing annotations in drawing models and sheet annotations in sheet models.

Using this approach will enable you to leverage models to structure your project data. You will be able to reuse designs in other drawings in whole or in part while avoiding conflicts in annotation or presentation options.

When you work with 3D designs, there are additional reasons to separate annotations from design. Doing so will keep you from having to consider difficult issues such as

  • the depth at which the annotation is placed
  • how to protect annotations from being clipped and disappearing from view
  • how to filter annotations for one view from another view or view point

However, you can view the annotations created in drawing or sheet models back into a 3D design using the tools in the Mini toolbar for callouts.

Centralizing Annotations in a Large Project

In a large project it is common to have many designs, which contribute to many other designs and drawings. In such cases, it may be advisable to centralize some annotations by placing them on a level in a drawing and referencing that drawing into multiple sheets.

When you place a drawing containing centralized annotations on a sheet, use the Level Display dialog ( Drawing > Home > Primary ) or a saved view to control the display of the annotations. If the drawing needs to be shown at a different annotation scale, click the Use Active Annotation Scale icon in the References dialog ( Drawing > Attach > References dialog launcher ). This icon applies the annotation scale of the sheet to the designated annotations in the drawing.

Annotating the Section View

A section view contains section graphics. Section graphics are new geometry drawn as the result of cutting the design model with the section cut plane. These section graphics are not persistent elements.

The normal annotation tools can be associated to section graphics. For example, you can use the Dimension Element tool to create a linear dimension that is associated to a linear section graphic.

Patterning of the cut areas of a solid is done automatically based on the template associated with the solid.