MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

To Attach and Activate a Tablet Menu

  1. Tape the menu to the tablet surface.
  2. In the Key-in window dialog, key in AM=<file_specification>,<model_name>,t<#>.

    "File_specification" and "model_name" identify the DGN file and the model within that file in which the menu was drawn. The number sign (#) is a number in the range 1–4, indicating the first, second, third, or fourth tablet menu.

    For the file_specification you can enter the full path and filename or the path and filename relative to the search path defined by the configuration variable MS_APPMEN.

  3. Enter a data point to identify the menu origin at the lower left corner of the menu.
  4. Enter a data point on the upper right corner of the menu.

    The message "Menu successfully attached" is displayed in the status bar.