MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

The WorkSet Configuration File

After the WorkSpace Configuration Files have been processed, msconfig.cfg attempts to load one (and only one) WorkSet Configuration File. Each WorkSet within a WorkSpace has a configuration file named <WorkSetName>.cfg that must be located in the directory pointed to by _USTN_WORKSETSROOT. By default, _USTN_WORKSETSROOT is defined as $(_USTN_WORKSPACEROOT)WorkSets/, but that can be changed in the WorkSet Configuration File as discussed above. MicroStation is responsible for remembering the most recently used WorkSet, and it sets the _USTN_WORKSETNAME Configuration Variable accordingly. The WorkSet Configuration File is included like this:

%if exists ($(_USTN_WORKSETCFG))
%  include $(_USTN_WORKSETCFG) level WorkSet