MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

To Create a Rectangular Array of a Feature

  1. Select the Array Feature tool ( Modeling > Solids > Modify Features > Manipulate Features split button ).

  2. Make the following settings in the Array Feature tool settings window:
    1. Set the Array Type to Rectangular.
    2. Enter the number of rows and columns in the respective fields.
    3. Enter row and column spacing in the respective fields.
    4. (Optional) Turn on the Whole Element check box.
  3. Select the element which contains the feature to be arrayed.

    The applied features are highlighted.

  4. Select the feature to be arrayed.
  5. Use the edit handle controls and settings in tool settings window for the desired output.
  6. Enter a data point to accept.

    Creating a rectangular array of a feature. Array About = Feature, Angle = 180, Row = 2, Column = 2, Row Spacing = 2, Column Spacing = 2