MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

To Synchronize Changes in a DGN to an iModel on the iModelHub

  1. Start MicroStation and Assign a ProjectWise Project to your WorkSet.
  2. Open the desired DGN file.
  3. Select iTwin Synchronizer (Drawing > Utilities > iModelHub) The iTwin Synchronizer desktop application opens. You will see the ProjectWise Project in the Projects drop down at the top. You will see all the projects that you are added to. You will also see the Synchronizations created for the project listed in the dialog.
  4. Select the Synchronize icon corresponding to the Synchronization.

    The Synchronize your changes page opens.

  5. Add any comments you have for the change in Change comment.
  6. (Optional) Optionally you can create a Named Version for the change. Select the Create a Named Version check box. Add a name and description for the change.

  7. Click Synchronize. Synchronization starts. Once Synchronization is complete, select the Go to iModel button to navigate to the corresponding iModel in the CONNECT portal.