MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Light Manager Dialog, Properties - Sky Dome

Contains controls for adjusting the Sky Dome, which provided direct illumination and mimics sky lighting.

Using Sky Dome with Shadows enabled can increase the render time significantly. The Shadow setting of Soft - Coarse (32 samples) is recommended for faster rendering.

On If on, the light source is active.
Lux Displays the value for the sky lighting with the current settings. If the Sun would be below the horizon, then “No Sun” displays.
Color type Option menu that lets you select the type of color used.
  • User Defined — Lets you set the color of the sky lighting, via the Color setting, or automatically via the Temperature setting.
  • Physically Based — Sky and sun color are computed based on factors such as the Sun position, air quality, and cloudiness. When illuminated only by sky, different parts of the sky may have different colors. This can result in different sides of a building having different lighting.
Color (Color Type set to User Defined only) Sets the color of the sky lighting. Clicking on the color swatch opens a color selector dialog, which is similar to the True Color tab and Color Book tab of the Active Color dialog.
Temperature (Color Type set to User Defined only) Option menu that lets you assign a color temperature to sky lighting. Where a color is chosen manually, with the Color setting, Temperature is set to Custom.
Shadow If on, shadows are generated for the added sky lighting. Sharpness of the shadows is controlled by the option menu.