MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Introduction to Components Center

Components Center is a cloud-based digital component library and catalog management service. It allows organizations to efficiently manage their component libraries ensuring that their users' designs use approved content. Components Center stores the geometry and rich data associated with a digital component as well as reference files and URLs which will be available for use in all phases of the component's lifecycle.

An organization's component administrator can create custom catalogs from their enterprise library ensuring that the correct digital components are used during the design phase. Users can then place these components as cells in their design. These components can then be managed by the iModel Hub as design changes are detected and change sets are sent to the Hub.

The Components Center Explorer dialog lets you place components in the design

The following diagram provides an overview of the Components Center.

Advantages of Components Center

Timely and successful delivery of assets is possible since the designers are using approved content and items like cost and installation information can be added to the components and made readily available from the Components Center.

After the Construction and Commissioning phases are complete and the project moves into operations, owner's will continue to benefit from having Digital Components as part of their design. Their maintenance and operations personnel will have easy access to both the design data and the compliance, maintenance and operating procedures that were originally defined by the manufacturer of their as-built components.