MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

To Precisely Pan the Camera

  1. Select the Define Camera tool.
  2. In the tool settings window's icon bar, click the Pan icon.

  3. In the tool settings window, click the More button.

    The window expands to display additional settings.

  4. Expand the Camera Orientation section to display the input fields.
  5. In the Orient and Elevate fields of the Camera input, type the required values.

    The camera view updates to reflect the new values, as does the view cone graphics in other view.

    Note: Any manipulation of the view cone automatically updates values in these fields.
    Tip: As well as interactive control of the view cone, you can specify a controlled movement. Here, you enter data points at the left/right or top/bottom of the camera view to revolve the camera or target by the specified value. For this setting (Pan), the relevant setting is Angle, in the Controlled Movement section of the tool settings window.