MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

To Specify a Boundary-defining Cell

  1. From the Print Styles dialog, select the Fence tab.
  2. Click Define from cell.

    The Define from cell dialog opens.

  3. (Optional) In the Search section, turn off the Master File and/or References settings to limit the search for the boundary-defining cell.

    By default, Print Organizer searches each master model and all of its references to find the boundary-defining cell. You restrict the search to specific references by typing their logical names (for example, "border") or filenames (without drives or folders, for example, "border.dgn") into the References list box. Reference filenames may be literals or regular expressions.

  4. In the Cell properties section, you must specify one or more cell names in the Cell Name list box. As with references, cell names can be regular expressions.
  5. (Optional) Turn on Create one print definition for each matching cell.