MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help


The following enhancements are made to visualization tools.

Animating 3D Constrained Geometry

The Animation Producer utility has been enhanced to respect the 3D Constraints applied to 3D elements when they are animated. This adds a new scope to the visualization of 3D design and modeling. See here for information on this.

Luxology Procedural Textures

Several new Luxology procedural textures are added in the textures list.

Luxology Texture Replicator

A new map type Texture Replicator is added under Map type option menu in the Map Editor dialog. It provides a means to procedurally clone an image mapped texture onto a surface while adding some randomization to the resulting clones.

Luxology Rendering Engine

The Luxology Rendering Engine (Modo engine) has been upgraded to version 801.

Render Settings

The following render settings are added in the Luxology Render Setup Manager dialog, Advanced tab:
  • Spectral Samples - Useful for rendering any transparent refractive surfaces with dispersion.
  • Minimum Importance - Useful for modulating the number of rays used to compute various phenomena such as soft shadows, Monte Carlo indirect illumination, blurry reflections, etc.
  • Refine Bucket Borders - Useful for refinement of all border pixels in a given bucket.
  • Outlier Rejection - Useful for smoothing of indirect illumination.

Settings, previously found in Luxology Render Preferences Dialog, have been moved to Preferences Dialog, Render Category.