MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Drawing Seeds in DGN Libraries

The drawing seed is a template that is used to automate dynamic views in a project. A CAD administrator can deliver a list of drawing seeds in a DGNLib, one for each combination of discipline and purpose.

CAD administrators can follow this workflow to customize the drawing seed files:

  1. Copy DrawingSeed.dgnlib to your Configuration's DGNlib folder and rename it. Make sure the path of your Configuration folder is set in the MS_DGNLIBLIST_DRAWINGSEEDS configuration variable. The drawing seeds pointed by this configuration variable are harvested.
  2. Customize the copied .dgnlib. Create customized drawing seeds. However, do not rename the existing models.
  3. Create sheet seed models in the customized .dgnlib and create drawing boundaries within the sheet models using the Place Drawing Boundary tool.
  4. Restart the MicroStation session. The styles in your customized drawing seed will now appear in the Drawing Seed drop-down of the callout placement tools.
  5. To avoid the saved views from the seed files to be displayed in the Saved Views dialog of your DGN files, set the MS_SAVEDVIEW_EXCLUDELIBS configuration variable to point to the seed files containing the saved views.
Note: When you are in a DGNLib file, the Filename check boxes in the Create Drawing dialog are disabled because the drawing or sheet models can be created only in the active DGNLib.
Note: When you create a dynamic view from a drawing seed, the callouts placed in the drawing or sheet model of the drawing seed are copied to the drawing or sheet model of the dynamic view. To avoid this, you should not leave any callouts displayed in the drawing and sheet models of the drawing seeds. You can do this by turning off the Show Callouts icon in the drawing seed.

A saved view created in a DGNLib file is treated as a valid drawing seed saved view, if:

  • it is created in a DGNLib file that is pointed by the MS_DGNLIBLIST configuration variable.
  • it has a link pointing to a valid reference in a drawing model or a valid drawing boundary in a sheet model or both. The model(s) should be in the same file.
  • each drawing model and sheet model in the DGNLib contains reference attachment to only one drawing seed saved view.
  • it has a detailing symbol style.