MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Print Points

Controls whether pattern points are printed. When set to False, line elements with identical start and end vertices are not printed. Setting this property to False in the printer driver configuration editor is the same as specifying point_size=0 in a .plt file. The default value of 'Print Points' is different for each delivered printer driver configuration. The hpgl2, hpglrtl, and pscript printer driver configurations do not print points by default, the rest do.

  In .PLTCFG editor Effect of Value
Property or Record Name Print Points .
Syntax . .
Values True Pattern points are printed using diameters calculated from their weights
False Pattern points are not printed
Default True is the default for the cals, jpeg, pdf, png, printer, and tiff files.

False is the default for the hpgl2, hpglrtl, and pscript files.